Real Estate Systems Integrator

About Me

The most discerning buyers and sellers of real estate in Miami Beach, Edgewater, and the surrounding growth areas such as Allapattah, rely on Brian and appreciate his unprecedented background as a realtor.

He executes carefully crafted marketing and sales plans and finds properties with tremendous upside taking into consideration: use, zoning, cash flows, appreciation, risk, taxes, emotional appeal, and other factors.

He started his professional career as a military officer in the Navy. Brian was entrusted with the lives of over 300 crew members and officers on a billion dollar destroyer as officer of the deck.

After the Navy, he completed management training in operations and sales for one of the largest wholesale mortgage lenders in the country. On a daily basis Brian reviewed the activities of underwriters, corporate appraisers, and sales executives processing loans across the United States. He extends this know-how to his customers during every step of buying or selling real estate.

Brian has consulted to CEOs and owners on best practices for hiring military veterans for over a decade. As a result he has amassed a sizable network and following of wealthy individuals including founders, venture capitalists, hedge funder managers, and investment bankers. Brian also has strong relationships with the best real estate attorneys in town who can help you navigate challenges such as zoning and clear title.

Brian is an active resident of Miami residing with his family in Edgewater. He enjoys golf, latin dance, riding his ElliptiGO bikes, and cooking for his friends and family.


Specialties include:
Residential and Commercial
Edgewater | Miami Beach | Surrounding growth areas such as Allapattah